About Me

Well hello there!

I'm Priya! For an abbreviated version and a good summary of me, see the column on the right. ;)

But for those of you who like more details....

It wouldn't be accurate to have an "about me" section without including information about my family.

So, here we are.
We love adventure. We love travel. We love exploration. This picture was taken in Alaska on the Matanuska Glacier. Point made. 

Yes. I'm aware that I look like I have to use the bathroom, but you know, you win some and you lose some, and sometimes pictures don't necessarily turn out as you'd like. But you know what? You embrace it, and laugh at it. It makes for a funny story. 

Anyway, these people are pretty cool. In terms of siblings, it's just my sister and I! I'm blessed to be able to say that my sister, Sarah, is one of my best friends. We're very different, but I look up to her a lot. 
My family also has a 9 year old German Shepherd, Whitney, who is near and dear to our hearts.

*Que the doggie pictures*

Everybody loves some cute animal pictures. This is our girl, and we love her to bits! She has a mind of her own, that's for sure. At the pet hotel we board her at, she has the nickname "Houdini" because she's learned to break out of her cage AND let all the other dogs out too. Talk about a craziness. LOL. Props to those workers who have to round them back up and calm the rebellion.  
The picture below is of my mom and I. My mom is pretty great. To be completely honest, we don't have that "my mom is my best friend" relationship, BUT we do have a good mother-daughter relationship, I think. Sometimes we get on each others nerves a bit but at the end of the day, we love each other to the moon and back (I'll try to cut back on the cliche's). Haha. Recently we've become business partners too, which has been pretty sweet. My mom's support and mentorship has been priceless in the success of my business. She's always helping, teaching, advising, and helping me brainstorm new ideas. I think we're a pretty dynamic duo in that respect. Plus, I've been able to model my business after the success of hers. That's wisdom right there, folks. Learn from someone who's been through it before you.

On a random note:

Other things I believe in (in no particular order):
-I believe nothing is impossible
-I don't believe in coincidences
-I believe anyone can be a world changer
-I believe in miracles

My hope & goal for this blog is for you to be inspired and encouraged when you read it, yet at the same time for it to be a reflection of real life and real struggles. Life is not always flowers and daisies, but it's our outlook and response to these hinderances that will determine where we go in life. You were created for greatness. Now there's one thing for me to say that, but another for YOU to believe it about yourself.

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  1. This is really awesome Priya. What a great snapshot of you and your vision! Love you!


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