Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Summer to Remember

Wow, this post is coming LATE! Sorry about that, friends! I originally wrote it back in August, but never actually posted it until now...oops. :/ Anyway, I'd still like to share it for documenting's (is that a word?) sake.

Looking back on the summer before my senior year of college, all I can say is WOW, this was a summer to remember. Not only did I reach some incredible business goals, but I got to travel world, build amazing relationships, and impact lives for the gospel.

Our family recently bought a cottage on Burt Lake, so much of this summer was spent up at the lake: exploring the surrounding areas, sitting by the campfire, watching movies, swimming (of course), kayaking, and playing games.

In May I also turned 21, which doesn't really mean anything for me because I've pledged to my school that I won't drink while a student there, but still just turning 21 kind of feels like a big deal (mainly because I now have a horizontal license, and am considered a full blown "adult" by society). Haha.

Later that month, I got to go with my church to AFRICA to share the gospel for about 10 days. It was LIFE CHANGING and just incredible. We spent 2 days in Johannesburg, after which we flew to Rwanda to begin our ministry in an Orphanage as well as speak and do dramas at a local youth conference! To see some more pics of our trip, you can watch this video. If you want to read my recap letter with stories and more info about our trip, you can check that out here too. :)

THEN in June, shortly after arriving home from Africa, I was headed out west! Our final destination was to the annual Young Living Grand Convention in Salt Lake City! This was my 3rd time going, and as always, it was an amazing time of learning and fellowship with our team. To see some of the SUPER FUN time we had there, you can watch this crazy video I made. haha.

BUT before we went to Salt Lake, we spent a little bit of time at Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks! My parents are national park junkies, so this was actually our second time visiting these parks. If you haven't been out west, it is a trip worth making. SO much beauty!

The end of June was crazy for my business. You see, I don't have a summer job like most college students my age. I own my own business with Young Living Essential oils, and I work that year round, which makes it really nice in the summer because I'm not tied down. Anyway, on the last day of June I reached a goal in my business that I had been working toward for 6 months (read about that here) and because of it, earned a kit of products from the company that retails at about $3,000. So so thankful and blessed!

I FINALLY had some time back home in July, even though it was intermittent as we took many weekend trips up to the cottage (as I mentioned before). My sister also came out from California to visit for about 2 weeks, so that was fun having her home for a bit!

And that, my friends, pretty much wraps up my summer! I am headed back to Ohio tomorrow to begin my senior year of college. CRAZINESS. Anyway, while I have bittersweet feelings about this year, I know that there are GREAT things ahead!

Thanks for taking the time to read! I'd love to hear about what you did this summer in the comments below!
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