Saturday, June 28, 2014

Throwing It WAYYY Back: How This Began.

I started using Young Living essential oils in July 2013. 

Here's a short version of my story...

About 4 years ago my mom was going through some health challenges and was looking for a way to help her body come into balance. As a nurse practitioner, she knew the medical options available but didn't want to get into that due to the side effects that are associated with many medications. So, she started looking for more natural options that she could use to support her body systems. While she was searching around the internet, she came across a book called "Healing Oils of The Bible" by Dr. David Stewart. This book sparked her interest, and Dr. Stewart, she discovered, had a pHd in Geophysics as well as other various advanced degrees.  Curious about the book and the author, she decided to buy it and read it.

One thing led to another and as it turned out, Dr. Stewart was a distributor of Young Living products, a company that farms and distills completely pure essential oils as well as other health related supplements, etc. After reading "Healing Oils of The Bible," my mom decided to try some of the products out. Turns out, they really helped her become balanced, healthy, and overall feel much better! 

Anyway, long story short, she ended up learning more about the company and wanted to inquire about the essential oils. She began doing some of her own research and slowly started integrating them into our family. Honestly, the rest of us were pretty skeptical. Like, yes, they smelled nice, but we didn't know much about "aromatherapy", and we didn't think that the oils could actually help much!

All I can say is that these essential oils have blown my mind in what I've seen them do in my life. Yeah, I know, that's the cliche of the century. But really, I would not say that if it wasn't true. They are incredible in supporting wellness and balance in all of our body systems.  If you're skeptical, I understand that because I've been there too.  But if you just give them a chance, I KNOW they can rock your world too and CHANGE your life. AHhh. I love it. Changing lives, people. That's what this is about.
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