Sunday, June 7, 2015

Can You Trust Your Essential Oil Company?

Okay, so this is a topic that I feel NEEDS to be addressed. If you're totally confused about the whole essential oil thing and don't even know where to start, THIS is the article for you.

There are ALOT of essential oil companies out there. Literally, just walk into the nearest health food's store and take a walk down the entire isle they have dedicated to the stuff. If you've never noticed it before, you will now. Now, if I was new to this field, I know I would feel very overwhelmed trying to decide which oil is a good one!  I was at a conference this last weekend on Essential Oils, and the speaker said that the essential oil industry is one of the most corrupted industries out there. WOW, that blew my mind! BUT it does make sense when you start to do some research! I found out that 98% of oils on the market have been adulterated or diluted to some extent.  I mean, it would be ironic, even dangerous, to try to do something "natural," but then unknowingly be using "natural" products that still contained synthetics.

SO what's the deal? How can you really know if what you're using for your family is safe?

Personally, I only use Young Living Oils. Yes, I'll admit that I am a bit biased. However, here's a good comparison of different companies. You can make the decision for yourself. These are GREAT questions to ask when determining what oils you want to use- the company you use should be willing to provide you with this type of information. If they don't know or won't tell you...RED FLAG.
Other reasons I only use Young Living....

1. Not only do they own their own farms, but they go BEYOND organic in their farming. They clear all their own land, so they never buy farms that have previously been farmed on, due to potential residual pesticides that could be in the soil. Pest control is done using their essential oils, and weed control is done by hand!

2. They are the largest distiller of essential oils in the world and are a 20 year old company. 
Lots of experience here!

3. When a particular plant is out of season and a product runs out of stock...we sometimes have to wait until the harvest until we are able to get that product again! While this can be a pain sometimes, it truly is evidence that they will NOT sacrifice purity for sales. It would be SO easy for them to add synthetics to the oil so that it smells almost exactly the same, but they're not about that life. They're about purity and giving their customers only the best, even if it means we have to wait for it sometimes. However, they are currently expanding their farms so that this doesn't happen. :)

4. Many Young Living Oils are GRAS (generally recognized as safe for ingestion) by the FDA.
     HINT: If an oil you ever buy from somewhere else says "not for internal use," in small print, flags should be going up EVERYWHERE!! After all, everything you put on your skin goes internally anyway.

5. The Seed to Seal Promise ensures quality throughout every part of the distillation and growing process. Distillation and testing facilities are on site. Check out for more info.

6. YL oils are first distillation only- which means they are the most potent and concentrated.

After looking at all of the facts, it was easy for me to determine that I was with a company that was providing the highest quality EO's on the market, and that YES, I could trust Young Living oils to be held to the highest standard of excellence.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone out there that's working through all this! Essential Oils are a wonderful thing. :) I'd love to chat with you about it and can help you get the best deal with the best EO's around! Just shoot me an email under the "contact me" tab or visit!

Love you guys!!

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